Katelyn has won:

A Trip for Four To:
  • An Exclusive Tour of DC Entertainment Offices, home of Superman, Batman, and more!
  • A VIP Tour of Warner Bros. Animation Studios
  • A $2,500 charitable donation to Dr. VonBergen’s (Katelyn’s hero) favorite cause

Katelyn's winning entry is below:

I had a broken heart, and I am happy to say it’s fixed now! There are so many people who helped fix my heart, and Dr.VonBergen was one of them. He fixes children’s hearts every day. Dr.VonBergen did both of my heart surgeries; in total I had two. My first heart surgery did not go well. Dr.VonBergen couldn’t fix my heart. He was very disappointed and was determined to fix it during another surgery, which took place a year later. My second heart surgery went perfectly. I know he is a good person, because he didn’t just heal my heart, he healed my whole life. Because Dr.VonBergen fixed my heart I can now do all of the things I love to do, this is why Dr.VonBergen is my hero.